Tuesday, August 14, 2007

we escaped, even though they were trying to kill us. i got very good at dodging the man throwing hand grenades at me - run towards him, run to the left, run back, run to the right... anyway then i was acting like a murderer, because my friend who they'd killed had left £100,000 in the steam train they used to film Back To The Future III, so I climbed aboard and stole it (it was disguised as an old wooden music box), along with the murder weapon. I thought about handing the weapon over to the police, but immediately was afraid of someone planting fake evidence in my flat while I went to the police station. I ended up hiding the knife in the kitchen, but unfortunately I couldn't make the music box play.

Monday, August 06, 2007

on the night the lib dems win the general election i decide to run away. i book a room in a motel, only i'm placed with two men who i think want to sleep with me. instead, i go and hide in my grandmother's back garden. i stand in a waist-high wading pool, more a tall bucket, then see that she's actually home. i put out my cigarette and let myself in. i don't see her, only two men who had come to visit her with yellow teeth. so instead i go to meet jess in town. she and kate are going to a nightclub and jess has a thin blue scarf wrapped in and out of her toes like a snake. i don't want to go clubbing.