Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i was given a dalmatian, which i had to keep under the operating table because he was scared. eventually i was forced to leave it there, something about the job, and i went home crying about it, incredulous that i could have abandoned it like that. then one of my flatmates brought the dog home to our small yellow room, bleeding, and unconscious, but alive. he handed it to me, and it got smaller as he passed it over, and once it was in my hands i turned the pages of its body and read what had happened to it in my absence and cried again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

we were snowboarding indoors through some kind of marshmallowy substance which made it very difficult to turn but very easy to stop. eventually I did better by putting more weight on my back foot. we got to the bottom of the tunnels to a long footpath that led to a huge tree village. on getting to the trees we had to run and hide because the orcs were coming. the two elderly people everyone hated found a wedding chapel and got married quickly, knowing they were going to die, and everyone found it cute even though we hated them. we rushed to the top of the highest tree in the village only to find that it had been turned into an irish-themed bar, so everyone drank stout, wearing dark hats, while we waited for the orcs to find us.

Monday, January 15, 2007

i visit bianca in hamburg and she is preparing to get married. before, she wants to finish her short story about a grey-haired woman who married the wrong person and remained for ever in love with another man. i remember how to say good morning and buy cigarettes from a kiosk at the train station. i don't remember how to say Chewing Gum.

Friday, January 12, 2007

we play golf with some very respectable strippers who are slowly taken away in a lorry one by one as the game progresses. the course takes us over a small fishing harbour, along the sea wall lined with seagulls. then we are left at the end of the course in a building housing a huge corporation. i lead my friend out as we are chased by men (i know the secret exit through the basement because at familiarisation they showed it to us so we were prepared for terrorist and zombie attacks).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I was sent back in time and ended up in the holocaust. I was trapped in tunnels, and knew I was being hunted by nazis. Something struck me on the head and when I woke up I was in a pile of corpses being thrown into a mass grave. I managed to crawl away, though my bones ached and I was suddenly painfully thin. I had been easily mistaken for a corpse. One of the people helping to throw bodies in to avoid death himself saw me and wrapped me in a blanket and took me to a group of prisoners sitting in the corner of the camp. No one would give me anything to eat as it was too difficult and they didn't want to risk themselves. Then, a nazi officer came by and carried me into his home - an odd wooden underground lodge with no furniture, but very clean. He said he'd look after me for the rest of the war and asked me when I'd last eaten. I said I hadn't eaten since the first year because someone had starved me intentionally. He said it was okay. He knew I wasn't meant to be there. That he was a time traveller too and would make sure I got back to my own time once it was safe to leave. In the meantime, there were dark, large monsters underground, and I had to sit in the clean wooden room alone.