Sunday, August 14, 2005

couple of days ago:

jim and i try to find a church to go to the toilet in. we find one in a field. there are lots of non-christians milling around and i think they're all trying to find the toilet. we go inside and get to this big room with lots of cubicles down either side. they look like toilets, with wooden doors, but inside each one is only a little pew and a tiny bidet. jim and i are very confused. "is this how christians go to the toilet?" we wonder. eventually we find one with a toilet, but i don't remember using it.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

mum, dad and i rented a house on the slopes of vesuvius. someone threw a tennis ball at me but i ducked and it ripped a big chunk out of the mountain. the volcano started to erupt and we decided it was time to leave. tom sawyer was there too and recommended rafting but we decided it would be too warm for that. we left, but all the animals were left behind, and we all felt very sad. no one mentioned that i should probably have just let the tennis ball hit me. we ended up near a waterfall later and i lost my family in the spray.