Saturday, July 02, 2005

i meet the perfect guy on holiday in the country. we go out a few times, then we stay together for the rest of the holiday, a few weeks. it's all just right - not too cute, a little stupid, and it works. he really likes me, and it's all going well. suddenly i feel certain that we'll be together forever. then, one evening, the landlady tells me he's talking to another woman on the phone outside. i go out and it's true. i just stand behind him, incredulous. he turns round and sees me, hangs up, and is horrified that i overheard him. "it's too late, it's just too late" he keeps on muttering, and goes back to the house and kills the landlady using a bulldozer. he buries her and although i feel sad, i mostly just think "typical melodramatic boys". then there's a big fight starring most of the cast of angel and we all dress up in other people's clothes to escape. it's fun.