Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the man in the lighthouse says he won't help us, but he takes a small white kitten out of his medical bag and places it on the palm of my hand. it has disappeared by the time i reach home so i spend the rest of my time scouring the dream for it.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

i'm buying cigarettes for shuna in kendal and am walking back to tim's house when i see chris standing outside the doctor's surgery, crying, smoking. i ask him what is wrong but he won't tell me. just says something about the whole marriage process and thinking about children, but i feel something is really horribly wrong. i give him a big hug and go back to tim's. jenny is there, but i don't mention that i've seen him.

after they leave, james turns up, and asks if he can use the toilet. tim says yes of course, and then when james is finished, he goes out and brings alice back in with him. he is wearing cycling gear and the lycra looks weird. then i realise we're actually in a hotel, and there is a little girl in the room across the corridor who is being held hostage by a man who pretends to be a doctor in order to get dates with rich women. i want to help her but don't know how, and then we see the front door open up and a woman float in, and we realise it's all supernatural and we have to get a message to the proper authorities somehow, but we have to escape first, because they're on to us, and we'll have to avoid the police, because they'll just lock us in a cell for safety, and the spirits will be able to find us easily then.

so we run as far as we can, through vineyards, dotting up and across the neat furrows - one up, two across, three up, one across - to try and confuse our pursuers. in the end the mounties get us, and i lose all my cds. they laugh at me trying to light a cigarette by putting a match in my mouth, and i'm very nervous and can't work out what's wrong.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

zombies everywhere but they're okay. one of my friends is a zombie and he helps us to find good blood. but we're all aware we're going to start getting eaten soon. so we need to find a way to escape. we turn on the television and watch the zombies spreading. we're in scotland, and we want to get back south.

i think about flying a helicopter away, but as i don't know how to fly a helicopter i decide this isn't a good idea. i lose some of my friends, so i go to a big manor house and pace up and down the great hall whilst watching a film projected on to the wall. then some friends show up. i'm glad they're not dead. we need to go though, so we go to the harbour and try to find a boat to take us away.

we climb these very steep ladders on an unfeasibly tall boat and go inside. wilhem dafoe is with me. the woman who owns the ship lets us work for her. she likes marshmallows which she has in a bowl on the desk in front of her.

as we go out on deck we look around and see that the water is full of big impressive schooners and old tall ships, because they're the only means of transport that the zombies can't get on to. i hear some people were in a train that got stopped en route by zombies on the line, and none of the people could get off. we relax a bit now, because the sun is shining and soon we'll be at see. i don't remember what happened to my zombie pal.