Tuesday, March 15, 2005

living in a frankenstein house near the marina. some woman comes to stay over but decides the house is too scary. then we go out for a drink but daz finds us and invites us all to his indie night, and the woman decides to go back home after all. the black rabbit lets her in. the black rabbit goes back inside, shutting the front door on the cat who is then locked out. i go back and dance. the t shirts are blue but i've changed into a black dress. i don't have any cigarettes.

Monday, March 14, 2005

giorgia doesn't like the leafy mountains because she can't see the snow. i have to chop barbara out of an ice bath and warm her back to life. i see a portuguese woman riding her bicycle through the river into town. i don't take my money to the bank, so mum says we'll stop on our way back. there are boys, and a train journey, and adventures, but i don't remember any of it.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

dominos pizza box to press button and get away - you can dial a place - like a teleporter, hiding in the junk food. i have no memory and have to keep asking people what everything is. it's the future and i don't understand anything. there are big fields of black wicker cocoons burning smoke all over the landscape, the size of water towers.

all i understand is that we have to get to the capitol - it's the final location they have found for Ilxx - the last remaining bastion of the imagination. my older brother miles is there, helping and guiding me, although i start to suspect that perhaps he isn't my brother. there is a weird intimacy between us. we manage to escape the inspectors who want to prevent thinkers from gaining acess to Ilxx. I suggest, several times, to the people we're with, that it must be a trap, sent to smoke the rest of us out. Everyone is careful but we have no choice but to go and find out.

We cross the sea and get to the island where the capitol is, where Ilxx is meant to be, but a government jet comes and sees us, coming back for several passes in order to determine how many we are. I manage to get everyone to unravel the foil that we were keeping with the boxes, and we blind the jet pilot and he crashes and is destroyed. I had to sit in the water, and my trousers are wet and I'm shivering. We can't light a fire - it will draw too much attention to us - so I won't be able to warm up before morning.

After waking we make our way in to the capitol, which looks as though washington senate dome has been plonked on top of a steep fairytale bavarian village. from the capitol, we have to get on a shuttle to the moon. which will be easy enough as the flights are so regular, but we have to walk through the town past the bars and the people's entertainment without anyone realising we're not one of them. this means we all have to dress cool. our clothes are a bit off as we've been travelling and teleporting, so we all practise our facial expressions. to our surprise, no one bats an eyelid. if you think you look cool, so will everyone else.

cath and i manage to get on a moon shuttle but we all got split up coming through the crowds and we can't see the others. then i see my brother outside. we try to get out with the pizza boxes, but it's like getting reception on a mobile phone - utterly impossible inside the jet. i go to the top to try and get out to him but i see inspectors coming. he doesn't even see me because they shoot him so quickly. the shuttle starts to leave and i go back to sit down and cath is gone. unfortunately, no one ever told me exactly what to do when i got to the moon. so it would be better to stay and die with miles, but it was too late to try to protect him and now i don't know what will happen when i get away.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

i was meant to drive up to visit tim major but i was too tired, and left it too late to get the train. everyone in cumbria was going to see the bears that night, and i was annoyed i was going to miss them. tim was working in a science school as a teacher, but his living arrangements seemed more like those of a pupil.

i spent the afternoon packing my bag ready for the next day, and when i looked out of my window i realised i was in rome, overlooking the england-italy rugby game. the queen mother was sat watching it from my bedroom. it didn't occur to me that she was already dead. i kept packing and ignored the match. i did get to see tim straight after my friend went away to germany, and we both looked gorgeous and went for a walk somewhere outdoors with trees.