Monday, February 28, 2005

i'm in that boating accident i learnt about - where the people on board a yacht in fast-running waters try to help a shipwrecked boat in a bay. they inadvertently hit some rocks whilst trying to get this other boat out, and they begin to sink quickly. there is no time to get aboard the life raft so the two children and their parents jump into the water and try to swim the short distance to shore. however, it's spring tides and the water draws them all out to sea and the whole family drowns.

however, this time i'm playing the part of the 10 year old boy, and i am able to grab hold of the last rock on the spit before the sea. my mother is holding my hand while i have grabbed the rock with the other. my father and sister are behind my mother. i try to pull them up but the current is too strong and my hands are too weak. my mother lets go, not wanting to pull me off. somehow my little sister is also saved but i didn't see this. we both climb to the top of the hill and watch the tiny figures of our parents get carried out to their deaths.

Friday, February 18, 2005

am following two tiny spaniel puppies around while dad goes shopping. one is sitting on the back of the other, being carried, and is mischievously saying the word "bark" to me repeatedly.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i killed someone last night. i was trying to escape from the law. an old man was helping me, in a truck. someone tried to get in the way. i don't remember who. it was a sunny day. i shot them in the head. i was arrested later but was let off because there was no evidence. the bereaved family were screaming at me but i was set free. i woke up with no remorse.

Friday, February 04, 2005

end of the world 28 days later style. we've been hiding indoors playing a real computer game. it involves pushing yourself off the walls and landing on another, in order to avoid being shot, whilst simultaneously carrying around big guns and picking up new ones and trying to shoot all of the bad people slash zombies that are hanging around in the warehouse. i'm not very good at it, but it's my first go. jim's making me play every single game, so that i get better at it quickly.

when it's all finished, everyone gets a plane off the island together. we notice something is wrong with some of the other guests, and there are people on the plane who are being held prisoner. when we land, i find myself carrying my son, running down a railway line with a man. "if we run all the way to london through the tunnels, we can avoid all the chaos, and everyone will die and things will be quiet by the time we resurface" i tell myself. we start to surface and the man runs on ahead. i scream at him to wait, and follow him up, holding my child.

when we get to the top we're at the airport. traffic is insane. there are people everywhere, fleeing. the man has turned into a woman and she has plane tickets. she's going to portugal. "we're coming with you. don't go without us" i have to insist, as she's clearly not too keen on dragging us along with her. we get to the check-in and no one else there knows what they're doing. they can't fill out the forms. but we know what to do - we know how to skip the red tape without getting held up, so we get our forms ready for signing by the authorities. after we do this i look around the hall, thinking quite clearly and suddenly, "all our men are dead."

Thursday, February 03, 2005

end of the world in space and we're waiting for it. a big wave is supposed to hit and we're all hiding in a nice house, having gone through the procedure. then nothing happens. "well we're all quite safe in here, you see" says one of the grown ups. "what did you think would happen?"

my friends and i then see a strange little man in black who is trying to touch us, so we run away. we run through my next door neighbour's garden (who is a real person whose garden we used to run through when we were small) and jenna picks a kitten up. she can always find them. "leave it here," i hiss at her "it's not yours."

then we see the little man in black come through the garden gate, and we realise that actually it's not a man at all, but rather, Death. so we all stop running and start feeling a little foolish for having tried to run away from death at all.