Wednesday, June 18, 2003

this was found on the morning of friday 13th:

staying up in the mountains with tim julie claire and 2 other people. i go out for a cigarette and look down at the town. the centre is a little hilly, and i see a ring around the rest of it. i see things flying past in the air. it's lots of ash, and molten lava. the volcano is exploding. the town is slowly being covered with molten lava, down in the basin at the bottom of the mountains. "come here" i struggle to say, "come here." gradually people come up and look. no one knows what to do. i say we have to leave now because i know the lava will continue to rise and, anyway, the eruption might get bigger, so we have to get away. i have my car, but tim julie and claire decide to walk. the other two and i drive away. winding up the hills opposite the volcano i look down and can see the three of them on the road below, like pilgrims, ash and lava drifting past them all the time, their heads down, walking one behind the other, striking a path through the rich brown rock and soil. i become certain that the town below was in hell, and that we have done well to get away while we can.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

jess asks me to help her mind. she asks me to help her find the right sized hat, as all the ones she finds are too small. "it's to keep the brains in," she explains i think. i wake up not knowing where i am or what day it is.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

i was eating prawn sandwiches

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

julie and i came back to my house for lunch but it was in exeter. we slept through lunch which meant we'd overslept and would be late back to work. we walked towards work for five minutes before i realised my car was still outside my house - if we didn't take it then it meant another twenty minutes walking. i sent julie back to the car (for some reason even though i was the one with the keys) and while she was gone i went and checked myself into the lunatic asylum behind me. they gave me some paperwork to do but i couldn't fill it in because i'd forgotten how to write. i was clutching the pen in my fist, stabbing the pages with it, getting more and more irate that i couldn't get my name onto the paper. anyway they took the papers away and when they came back i was lifting my bag up and saying "well anyway, i'm just off to work then". "oh no" they said, "it doesn't work like that here." "can't i just go to work and come back to the asylum at night?" i asked. "oh no" they said and went off to try and do my paperwork for me. so i ran away.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

there was a nurse shark in the water with us and my best friend who i've never met before was holding its nose shut calmly. she told me to dive down and hold my breath - find somewhere to hide under the rocks - and the shark would get bored and go away. it worked. so we clambered out of the water into a glass pagoda. 360 degrees of flat calm ocean views. then i saw some dolphins and we watched the dawn. after that we got to the jungle and i was telling everyone that david seamen was going to man city but no one would believe me. i was quite drunk at this point and dad said i was talking rubbish so i called him a cunt. then i was upset and looked into the mirror. sam orchard came and put his hand on my shoulder and said "you just have to be who you are". i woke up very upset.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

this morning:

"we've time travelled and noone wants to touch anything and we don't know what to do. "is this the past or the future it all looks the same" i say "it's okay i've seen back to the future" and we're okay. we sit there."

it was quite boring. i don't remember any details. it all looked grey to me.